American Civil War Years
Mott Communicty College
The American Civil War Years: General George Armstrong Custer
The American Civil War Years: The Michigan Experience
Executive Producers: Rodney W. Brown, Leon Collins, and Donna Ullrich
"As the Civil War constitutes a grave and pivotal point not only in our national history but that of Michigan as well, the story of Michigan's involvement is a story that needs and merits greater exploration and understanding. This documentary series will examine Michigan's role in the Civil War and provide a better understanding of the significant role and impact that Michigan's involvement had. Michigan sent 90,000 men to fight in the Civil War including specialized regiments of sharpshooters and engineers, and more cavalry per capita than any other northern state. At least 68 Michigan soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor for gallantry on the battlefield during the Civil War. Michigan mines produced tons of iron ore used to make cannon, iron clad ships and rails in support of the Union. Michigan supplied horses, ambulances, lumber, agriculture and was a major contributing factor in the Civil War victory."
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Civil War Speakers Series
From Slavery to Freedom: Godfrey Brown's Emancipation
The Michigan Experience: The American Civil War Years 
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Keith Harrison on The Michigan Experience
Paul Arnold on The Michigan Experience
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Company K 1st Michigan Sharpshooters
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